“Hackers” is 25 Years Old Today!

“Hackers” is 25 Years Old Today!

Happy birthday Hackers!

First released on 15th September 1995, this classic cheesefest holds a special place in my heart. The first time I watched it was with my brother and we bonded over its ridiculous techno-babble and phenomenal outfits. Years later I would get to watch the film in a packed tent at UK hacker festival EMF Camp, and somehow ended up doing camerawork for this interview with director Iain Softley.

These days I might own a pair of rollerblades and have a spiky haircut, but I will still never be as cool as Crash and Burn.

A calf tattoo with the text "Hack the planet!" In the foreground the tattoo owner is holding up a bottle of Club Mate.

Marking the occasion with a commemorative tattoo and obligatory bottle of Club Mate